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We sincerely thank you for visiting the Max Sport website. We appreciate your interest and we would love to gain your long long-term loyalty. There is a good energy flow in our company, and also in our products. Try them and feel the energy yourself. We’ll be glad to share it with you and we hope you'll like it.

We do not like stress and our goals are not set to gain the highest profit. We do what we do because we enjoy it, not because we have to. All of our products: ProteinProtein ShakeLife+EnergySlim ZoneFit Kid , Veggie Protein, Protein Kex, Protein Cake, Legalized Protein, Power Coffee, Protein Pasta, Good morning, Raw Paleo Barbar and Raw Paleo Protein Bar are created with love, passion and an emphasis on quality. Our customers appreciate it and return to our products again and again and we thank them for it.

We dare to say that today we are the favourite and best-selling local "performance food" brand. In addition, thousands of customers from other countries appreciate the quality and functionality of our products, from Portugal to Kazakhstan and Cyprus to Scandinavia. This drives us forward into making the best possible products we can deliver.




Our PROTEIN BAR is a product for active people of all ages, both men and women. It is the perfect choice for people who play sports and it is also a healthy and convenient snack alternative for people in the office, on the road and outdoors.




Delicious Belgian milkshake with high protein content, sweetened with natural stevia extract. This milkshake has a delicious taste, is made of fresh milk and has no artificial sweeteners. Thanks to its high content of fibre Protein Shake is a good meal replacement and with its low carbs it is an ideal dinner substitute for those who watch their weight.



Life Energy gives you a fantastic physical boost. It consists of complex carbohydrates, protein, vitamins & minerals. The bar ensures a rapid increase of energy in a short time and maintains stable performance over a long period. It is ideal for endurance sports, people on the go, students or anyone with an active lifestyle.



A nutritionally balanced snack for all women who care about their health, appearance and well-being. It has a low glycaemic index, high in protein, low in sugar, contains vitamins, minerals and L-carnitine. Its composition ideal in the process of losing or watching your weight and also as a healthy alternative to traditional confectionery. It is the perfect “snack without remorse”; your delicacy during a break or when having some coffee.




FIT KID has been created with experts in children nutrition. It is a result of an honest effort to offer healthier alternative to sugary and chocolate bars. It has a low sugar level and has been sweetened with stevia extract. Fit Kid has these unique benefits:


World snacking revolution. Crunchy bar made of legumes, seeds, vegetables and olive oil. Snack for literally everybody with fantastic nutritional parameters. Unique salty snack when you get hungry between main meals.




Combine the sinful taste of classic confectionery with the parameters of the most sophisticated fitness product and you will get KEX.
This unique combination makes KEX one of the best products of its kind worldwide.


Another original product of our Protein line that we can be proud of. Protein Cake makes an excellent addition to your coffee or teatime and for all the people who like to munch on sweets but look for additional benefits in their food.


Our top notch hemp protein sets new standards in healthy eating. Legalized Protein Bar is a unique product that’s 100% natural, rich in plant protein, gluten, milk and allergen free. To boost nutritional values and improve the bioavailability of minerals, vitamins and protein we use sprouted hemp seeds and process the product below 42°C to save all the benefits for you.



The lifestyle tested by humans for many millennias is finally making a strong comeback. Raw Paleo Barbar is going way back to the roots of natural human eating habits by introducing a bar filled raw fruits and nuts. This makes the bar suitable not only to the "paleo style" diet, but also for people searching for vegan food, dairy of grain free, or for those who are simply trying to stay away from processed food with bad natural values. Try it and become a Barbar for a while.


MAX SPORT is introducing the Raw Paleo PROTEIN – ancient vegan eating habits transformed into the fruit-loaded chunk with a great portion of protein. Enjoy the feeling of energy from raw fruits that drove our ancestors to create wonders and the power of vegan proteins that gave them strenght in battles. Become the true BARBAR with this 100% natural and vegan piece of legacy with no gluten, soy or dairy!



You maybe know a fruit puree in practical packaging to hand if you are parents that depends on healthy breakfast for you children. And now everyone who loves fruit and healthy food can enjoy a brand new newcomer with even more nutritious content, that is really tasty - Good morning is 100% natural mix of fresh fruits, cereals and "super food" chia seeds. This product is gluten free and it’s brand new alternative how you can reach a good source of nutrient-rich and healthy food. Good morning is coming in really handy 200 g package, what is large enough portion to feed an adult and can offer a perfect breakfast not only at home, but also during travelling in a car, a bus, or biking.



So simple, yet so sophisticated! This single ingredient clear label product combines all the "free from" attributes one can think of. It is organic quality, vegan, gluten free, high protein, high fiber, low GI, quick & easy to prepare and great tasting.

Apart from being quick & easy meal for all the health conscious people, it can serve to people with various dietetic constraints. For instance a great source of proteins for vegans, gluten free choice for celiacs, high fiber choice for better digestion or a very low glycaemic index food for people on reduction diets. 




There is still something going on. And this is the place where we will keep you informed of what is new in our world.
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Why MaxSport bars?

Why MaxSport bars?

There are several reasons to be mentioned. Read it yourself.
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You can find our protein bars, protein shakes and other products at all good supermarket chains and most local gas stations. 
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