Legalized Kex


33% Protein / 1 g sugar / Gluten free / Vegan / Chia seeds

Legalized Kex is a jewel among wafers. Gluten free, rich in proteins and "good fats" and low in sugar. It's a perfect guilt-free vegetarian snack for all health conscious people. It will fight off your hunger and support your well-being with renowned ingredients such as hemp seeds and oil, chia seeds, chlorella, chlorophyll and folic acid.


  •  33% Protein
  •  1 g sugar
  •  Gluten free                                                
  •  Vegan 
  •  Hemp seeds and oil
  •  Chlorella and Chlorophyll
  •  Coconut oil
  •  Chia seeds
  •  Plant protein
-Hemp flavor