Every help counts

We care about the heroes of these days. They deploy their lives and often struggle until exhaustion to help others. That’s why we decided to get involved and help as well. We donated a total of 38,648 bars to nine hospitals and ambulances in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The current situation has probably already affected everybody. We are fighting against a great enemy that leaves behind a huge mess. How do we face it? Only by retreating. The second option is to help those who really need it today more than ever.

We are talking about doctors caring for seriously ill patients. We are talking about nurses who have tons of overtimes, take samples and help wherever they can. And all the medical stuff fighting the insidious disease.


We, at Max Sport, do not just want to sit idly and watch this tragedy. We want to be strong, courageous and help those who really need it. All health professionals work long hours, sometimes with minimal breaks or the opportunity to eat. With this in mind, we have the idea of product support in the form of our best VIBE bars.

It is not just athletes who use them when they have no space and time for another meal. They sufficiently satiate them and give them energy for further performance. They can then further help, save and spread positive energy towards patients. And that’s exactly what these people need right now.

When you help, then properly

However, we did not just want to randomly choose one hospital to help. It would be unfair to the others and we would not feel honest about ourselves. So we decided to donate to four hospitals in Slovakia and five hospitals, or medical facilities, in the Czech Republic. In total, almost 40,000 bars were distributed.


“Since the beginning of the company, we have been trying to get involved in various activities of the charitable or support type. It is natural for us in our private lives and since we have the opportunity now, we have decided to help our health professionals as well. Who else deserves it more now than they do? I am glad that we were able to support so many medical facilities and I believe that our products will benefit them,” said one of the Max Sport managers, Martin Poledna.

This help may seem great to some, small to the others, but we have done everything we can at the moment. Each one of us can do good things, he just has to want it himself. And it is the current situation that should unite people more than divide them. So let us be a good role model for others. If we can help, even our older neighbour, let’s do so. We don’t know when we will need that same help ourselves.