Our products feed the world

We want to share some big news with you! Up to 1,000,000kg of healthy snacks were sold in Slovakia, Czechia and 38 other countries around the world last year. From this number just bars were almost half of this amount. That equals the weight of approximately 80 elephants. 🙂

  • 300,000kg of healthy products were sold in just Slovakia alone!!!
  • 40% of worldwide sales are made of protein bars – the best-selling flavour is vanilla followed by a very popular chocolate
  • People drank nearly 30 000 litres of Royal Ice Coffee, which means 100,000 protein coffees

Our journey started with a protein bar, which is still beloved not only by the owners but also by customers. „Our favourite PROTEIN BAR is still GOAT. It’s a pleasure to satisfy the tastes of Slovak, Czech, but also other foreign countries. We sold over 400,000kg of protein bars in 2017. The amount of 80 elephants, which is incredible,“ said Peter Kulich, one of Max Sport’s owners. “Classic vanilla is still preferred by our customers closely followed by chocolate flavour. I personally believe that the caramel flavour we introduced at the end of the year will be a hit in sales in 2018.“

We are aware of the growth of the “raw” category for consumers who suffer from food allergies or who focus on vegetarian or vegan food. “If someone had told me in the past that I would enjoy a bar without gluten, milk, sugar or chocolate, I wouldn’t believe it. Today it’s true and not just we, but every 10th customer enjoy our raw bars.”

We are also preparing several product novelties and entering a brand new category of salty snacks in 2018. “We still want to fulfil our mission of creating and producing quality, yet affordable products for everyone as a healthier alternative to conventional snacks,” concludes Peter Kulich.