We bring you a revolutionary novelty. Collagen+ Kex is the first collagen wafer on the market that combines delicate taste and scientifically proven functionality. It has a low sugar content and is an ideal daily snack. It will also please your taste buds, add energy and offer a range of great benefits.

Collagen in our wafer, besides a great taste, also offers other benefits. It has a significant anti-aging effect on the skin. This ingredient is added to various skin creams for the same reason. In addition to rejuvenating, it also moisturizes the skin.It’s suitable after a demanding sports activity as an aid in muscle regeneration and supports joint flexibility and bone strength.

Collagen+ Kex is suitable for healthy aging, as we like to call it at Max Sport. Give your body something good. After all, you can be beautiful not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Like the Collagen+ bar, Collagen+ Kex contains up to 5 200mg of the functional substance Peptan®, a premium bioactive collagen.

Now we bring you this delicious snack in two flavours. Hazelnut and lemon harmoniously fine-tune the premium content of wafer. The high fibre content ensures good digestion. In addition, it is free of palm oil and both flavours are gluten-free. See also the category of classic Protein Kex.

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