I am visibly different

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I am visibly different

Beautiful, sexy and provoking. These are strong weapons of lucia javorčeková. This brunette has been working mainly in italy for several years, she is a model shooting especially underwear and swimming suits. She was born in bratislava and often shoots artistic nude photos that she likes to share on social networks. The fact that her instagram is followed by more than 860 thousand people proves that her pictures and an exotic look are a "feast" for the eyes.

Nudity is often understood as something superficial and cheap. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to look deeper than only at a cover, even though it´s beautiful. Lucia does not visit nightclubs and, to the disappointment of many, does not search for male company. In fact, she is happily married for nine years to her first love and she has a 7 years old daughter who means everything to her.

Lucia is visibly different. Just as the protein bar from the max sport company :). The most sold and favourite in slovakia, the only certified protein bar without the es and most importanly, functional. It is also lucia’s favourite thing in case she is busy and needs a lot of energy. Protein is, for many, a symbol of top athletes, especially men. However, also here we need to get more inside and not only slide on the surface. Resist the known stereotypes. 

Proteins are an important component that our body requires because it gives us, among others, the necessary energy, regardless of whether you are a sporting muscleman or a sexy chick before the camera :). The protein makes no difference.

Of course, the bar is not a replacement of a rich meal, but a functional supplement that is here as an emergency first aid.

Lucia, many people don’t know you, despite of this you have more than 800 thousand followers on instagram and it seems that men “lie by your feet” :). Who is lucia javorčeková and why does she do what she does?

It is true that it has never been my objective to make me artificially visible. I do not send my photos and articles to media and i do not create artificial affairs around me like most women in our show business. I have never had the desire to make myself known through a reality show, even though you may read about me that i am an ex miss universe. It is flattering but i have never even thought about the miss competition because i do not meet the criteria. I got married at 18. Not everything what is written is true. And why i do what i do? Most probably, because i can do it and i like to do it.

You are the most followed slovak woman on instagram. Many people perceive nudity as controversial or even superficial. Do you encounter with the prejudices in slovakia? How do you fight them? :)

Of course, i don’t find it surprising because this picture was created by a certain types of girls, who i am connected through my work, so it is understandable that wheather i want to or not, i am thrown into the same category. However, for me it´s important how i am seen by my family and my friends in my private life. If i took personally everything that i read on the internet, i would probably end up in a deep depression.

You are very popular in italy. More than 80 % of your fan base is there. Why italy?

One beautiful morning i got up and i had my mailbox full of messages from italians. My facebook, instagram and e-mail were full. The number of my fans was growing at staggering speed. Then i found out that my pictures were published by a very popular facebook page and then i had a lot of work in italy. I have even learnt to speak italian and many people think that i live there.

Not many people know that you got married very young - when you were eighteen. Today’s trend is to start a family much later. Were you not afraid that you made the decision too early?

I’m a family type of person and it is very important for me to have a strong family background. I could not do my work without it. It may seem that it is too early to get married at eighteen, but i have always been more mature for my age and i trusted my intuition which was saying that he was the right man to live our common life in harmony. Now we are together for 11 years, and it may sound as a cliché, but we are literally soulmates.

You live an active life – you have a lot of shooting, you travel, take care of the family. Where do you get the energy?

I get the energy from common activities with my family, when we go for trips on bicycles, walk, when we are on the playground, when i go to a fitness centre with my husband, when we play with our friends in our street. Each time i have with me a protein bar and a fit kid bar, just in case :-)

What do you eat first when you need to recharge your energy?

Apart from some fruit, i have always a max sport protein bar and fit kif bar for my daughter at hand.  This gives me fast sugars and proteins. Shooting is sometimes tiring and long. We often shoot outside where warm meal or a break are out of the question. The protein bar is a super simple snack. And it is without the e-food additives.

Aren’t you afraid of sugars? Many people, especially women, are scared of consuming sugars.

But sugars are an important part of our diet. Of course in modest amounts. I do not drink flavoured drinks, i do not put sugar in my coffee, but the energy = sugar, so it does not kill me to eat a protein bar :). I know that i will burn it by walking or running.

Your are an advocate of healthy food. What is important for you when choosing food for you and your family?

I always try to choose good quality products, even thought it is not always possible. I try to shop from local farmers and watch ingredients and nutrition values in food. I am not a fanatic, i´m trying to use the common sense. That’s why i was positively surprised by max sport bars that do not only taste great but they are also nutritionally balanced. My personal favourite is the chocolate and banana bar and i love also the raw line.

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