I have pulled myself together thanks to raw food

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I have pulled myself together thanks to raw food

Do you also have the feeling that you hear about various alternative ways of eating too often now? People are more open to new tastes, they are not afraid to experiment and the cult of healthy lifestyle is spreading out more and more. Raw food - cold processed food of plant origin, is one of the current dietary trends. Dj tager has too become addicted to this popular phenomenon that has made  not only hollywood but also the whole world go crazy. Read his story about how the raw food helped him to come back to life and how raw bars from max sport are helping him to continue mixing his beloved music :-). 

Tager’s life used to be a big, never-ending party, that has turned by 180 degrees. Party nights full of alcohol, lack of sleep, irregular and unhealthy eating. Such was his life until the fatal night that gave him a “stop”. At the last party, he suddenly collapsed and the diagnose was shocking – acute pancreatitis. His recovery took several months and he is saying that it is a miracle he has survived. 

This was a breaking point which opened tager’s eyes and from a crazy man with no restraints has become a disciplined person with strictly healthy lifestyle rules. These rules, of course, were to a large degree based on healthy food. Immediately after leaving hospital, he started to learn how to prepare healthy raw meals with the first raw chef in slovakia. As he still works as a dj and travels a lot, keeping healthy diet is not at all easy. 

“when you are playing and travelling, not everywhere they know how to prepare raw meals. That’s why it is good to have a healthy snack at hand,” says tager.

Raw bars are a clear choice for him, because they are 100 % natural, gluten-free, without added sugar or soy and they are made in slovakia. Moreover, the name of the energetically rich bars includes the word paleo which points to the ingredients that our predecessors could find in the nature – nuts, dates, cocoa, coconut, etc. Thanks to nutritionally rich sources and a high fibre content, the bars are an excellent tip for a substantial snack for any activity and any daytime. Tager knows it too. His favourite flavour is cocoa and hazelnuts. It does not have a competitor according to him. “i appreciate that the max sport bar is  cold processed, up to the temperature of 42 °c so that all benefits of used ingredients are preserved. And besides, it contains shea butter. Due to my health, i have to know into detail the compostition of what i eat," adds tager. 

The max sport company asked tager for an interview. He confided in us about his past and present lifestyle, sins of the past, he spoke about important people in his life and, last but not least, about raw food and bars without which he could not imagine his dj carrier anymore.

Tager, remember yourself five years ago. What was your usual day like?

 At that time, i was suffering from a standard dj disease :d. My day was completely inverted. I went to sleep at 4 am, even when i was not performing, and i used to wake up around noon. I was not very compatible with the surrounding world. In fact, i was living from a weekend to weekend. I was performing more than 120 times a year, which to me seems crazy now. My life was one big and never-ending party. 

Do you remember what happened to you that fatal night?

I remember that night very vividly. It was my third event on that day (fifth in that weekend). I was very exhausted, slept too little and i was eating irregularly. I drank two beers that evening and bubbles combined with some food became fatal to me. I totally collapsed on the last party. I could not breath and i knew that i had to go out because i could not cope with the situation inside. When i came back home and pain became unbearable, i knew i had to go to hospital. The diagnosis was alarming. Acute pancreatitis. For illustration: the value of pancreatic amylases (enzymes responsible for processing of amylum) is 1, maximally 2 for a healthy person. If it is higher than 5, there is a reason to panic. I had 70. I had stayed in hospital for 10 days and i had been recovering at home for several more months. I can say that it is a miracle i have survived.  

What is your life like now? What did you have to give up?

The physicians ordered: life-long interdiction to consume alcohol, avoid stress, no lifting of heavy objects, avoid rooms filled with smoke and, of course, strict observation of a healthy lifestyle. I had to eliminate oil, it was really radical! I also had to eliminate bubbles and too spicy or hot food can kill me as well. I feel healthier than ever before.

Let’s look at the food in practice. Do you have any favourite places where you eat or do you have to prepare your food yourself?

For many reasons, the best is to prepare the food yourself. Immediately after leaving the hospital, my friend robert horváth became my “head physician” – the first raw chef in slovakia who, at his clinic "bemba", thanks to his long years experience "prescribes" me the most suitable combinations of vegetable and fruits within tasty and rich meals. I am helping "pro bono" in his kitchen, but my reward is learning how to step by step prepare all the recipes and, at the same time, i am sure that the meal i eat is the best for me.

Is the content of meals of the only importance or do you focus more at the quality of ingredients? Do you feel when you eat too much “chemistry”?

It would be naive to think that we can find all the vegetables in the “bio” quality all through the year for a reasonable price in our geographical latitude. Believe me, i feel it even when i eat grapes that have seeds, and even a bigger quantity of ordinary linseed can knock me out, so there is no place for chemistry in my menu. As i have already said, it’s some time since i go eating in bemba restaurant and i’m still alive ;)

How do you eat when you travel?

When i am travelling abroad, i turn to the "happy cow" app that maps all restaurants offering vegetarian and vegan raw food and shops selling healthy foods. In slovakia, the situation is much worse. That’s why i appreciate the possibility, especially in late dj hours to stop at the petrol station and buy at least some raw bars. It’s not so long ago when it was not so obvious. But thanks to the max sport company, it has become reality at the overwhelming majority of petrol stations. The petrol station is actually the only choice for me. D:

What is your favourite bar?

I am an advocate of the idea that simplicity pays and that’s why i always choose, if i can, cocoa and hazelnuts from max sport. I must responsibly declare that i have tried really all raw bars that can be bought and this simple and, at the same time, tasty combination has no competitor.

In the next articles, tager will present us his raw life. Follow us and in the meanwhile, test three flavours of the 100 % natural gluten-free raw paleo bar: