Our products feed the world

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Our products feed the world

It´s our pleasure to share with you the great news! We sold amazing 1.000.000 kg of healthy snacks in Slovakia, Czech Republic and other 38 countries. Just our protein bars comprised unbelievable 400.000 kg, which is a weight of 80 elephants :-)

  • only in Slovakia we sold 300.000 kg of healthy snacks
  • 40% of total sales relate to our protein bars – the most sold is the vanilla flavor, followed by chocolate flavor
  • sales of Royal Ice Coffee were close to 30.000 l, that leads to 100.000 cups of protein coffee

The first product was the protein bar, that is still the „lovebrand“ not only for the company owners but also for the consumers. „Popular PROTEIN BAR is still leading our portfolio. We feel honoured to satisfy the needs of Slovak, Czech and foreign consumers. In 2017 we managed to sell 400.000 kg of protein bars. If you imagine it is like to stand 80 elephants next to each other, it´s crazy,“ comments Peter Kulich, Max Sport co-owner.  „The most popular flavors are vanilla and chocolate. I assume that caramel flavor that we introduced at the end of the year is going to be one of our bestsellers in 2018.“

The company realizes the growth of raw category, driven mainly by the consumers that suffer from food alergies or follow vegetarian or vegan style. „I would hardly believe to enjoy the snack with no gluten, milk, added sugar or chocolate, should someone suggested me this some years ago. However, nowadays these products are enjoyed not only by myself, but also by every our 10th customer.“

Some new launches as well as an entry to salty snack category are planned for 2018. „We would like to continue following our mission to develop and produce high quality and affordable products for people in order to provide them with healthier alternative,“ concludes Peter Kulich.