About us

Our origin and mission

Company Max Sport s.r.o. was established in Slovakia in 2005. It was created with the intention to develop, produce and sell nutritional supplements for the general sporting public.

The demand for tasty and high-quality protein bars has started to grow and has become popular not only among athletes, but also among the general public. The world is moving faster and faster, and with it the needs of a society that wants healthier and more practical dietary alternatives. That is why we look ahead and around us, we follow the trends to meet the requirements of a modern and healthy society.

Max Sport s.r.o. has in conjunction with technologists, physiologists, athletes and nutritionists, set itself the goal of producing quality, tasty and affordable products for everyone. Our supplements can help you with keeping up with a healthy lifestyle, will give you the necessary nutritional substances, vitamins and minerals, speed up recovery and prepares you to face the new challenges. Today we are a global company that affects and influences the world. We inspire people and make them curious, thereby moving them further and showing the world unlimited possibilities. We want to improve the world and thus help everyone.

Max Sport and good energy

We sincerely thank you for visiting our site. We appreciate your interest in us and want to win your long-term favor. As in the company, good energy flows also in our products. Try them and feel the energy. We would love to share it with you.

With an emphasis on quality

We create and pursue because we want, not because we have to. We create all our products with love, passion and emphasis on taste and quality. Customers appreciate it, we like to return to our products and we thank them for it.


Max Sport has decided to advance into the area of nutritional supplements. Over time, gaming has become a popular activity and we took up the challenge to develop nutritional supplements tailored just for gamers. We decided to use our expertise in the field of supplements and created a completely new brand.

The JaguarFox brand was officially launched in early April 2022. Overall, we didn't want to be just a substitute for the current stimulants for players. We wanted to offer them a healthier and better alternative in the form of natural-based supplements, the effects of which they will actually feel, but they will not have to worry about their health. And we also paid attention to great taste.

JaguarFox's portfolio includes delicious Gaming Energy Bars with vanilla and chocolate flavours. The bars contain the modern carbohydrate palatinose, thanks to which energy is released into the body gradually, so it satiates for a long time and also tastes great.

Another product in our portfolio are Stamina capsules, which make you forget about fatigue or stress. Playing with a clear mind is essential for us. The capsules have a neutral taste and give you a good boost.

Play Shot is here for everyone who loves action. The compact 10 ml package is great in terms of time efficiency. There is no need to stop the game every now and then, as with classic energy drinks. Only clean energy, concentration and no stress.

But you should definitely not forget about the quality rest. JaguarFox comes with a delicious Pause Shot, thanks to which the body recharges in a natural way. The content of melatonin in the product will contribute to faster sleep, a deeper feeling of peace and also a better mood.

All necessary information can be found at www.jaguarfox.com