The category of bars is the most represented in our offer. Ranging from high-protein bars, through organic honey appetizers, to classic muesli fit bars. There is an inexhaustible number of options, you just have to choose according to your taste.

Max Sport bars offer a wide range of advantages over competing brands. The most significant benefit is definitely the taste. A team of experts is constantly working to develop and improve the production process so that our fitness bars are full of good nutritional values, but still taste good to the customer. After all, why have 50% of protein in the product if it doesn’t taste good? It is the balance of macro nutrients and the taste that makes Max Sport protein bars a unique product.

We can consider protein bars as the basis of our portfolio. Max Sport Protein bar was the first product we launched to the world. To this day, it is very popular and thanks to our conceptual work, it is the best-selling product in its category in Slovakia. We also followed up with a series of Royal Protein bars with exotic flavours. The Royals will find their fans if you like something different.

For lovers of honest nutritional values ​​and great taste, there is Vibe Protein. The Olympus of our bars excels in its above-average composition, which is especially suitable for athletes, but at the same time people like to consume it because of its excellent taste. No stiffness or bad taste, a delicate mixture of whey protein drizzled in chocolate and sprinkled with crispies will delight many gourmets.

In the protein product line, we also offer a unique bar with collagen - Collagen+. It is a rare unit between fit bars that contains up to 5 200mg of collagen, which is half the daily recommended dose of the same substance. It is, therefore, an ideal helper for beautiful and supple skin, healthy teeth and joints, and contributes to the proper functioning of the body. You can forget about disgusting pills or tablets. Collagen in the form of an excellent bar is the way to go.

We must not forget the low-calorie version of De-Light in all its fresh flavours. It contains 30% of protein, only 1.6g of sugar and is also high in fibre. An ideal helper in the diet, you could say. Yet it hasn’t lost anything of its delicate taste. Vegans will also find theirs – Raw Protein Bar contains proteins of plant origin, which will serve as a suitable supplement to this snack. It is processed up to a temperature of 42 °C so that all enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other substances remain intact.

That simplicity is beautiful is confirmed by the Beez honey bar. Composed of only oatmeal, honey, coconut oil and fruit, it gives the body exactly what it needs and also tastes great. It has beneficial effects on digestion and is in organic quality. Find out more on our blog. The product line of bars includes C-Real, Muesli and Flapjack bars and also Raw Paleo for lovers of vegan products without gluten. A healthy bar as it should be.

In fact, everyone will find something for themselves, you just have to choose the right one. Rich selection of types or flavours, for various occasions and various properties. These are Max Sport bars. Wondering what new products we have prepared? Everything clearly in one place.

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