Wella isn’t just a classic hazelnut spread with added protein. It is also a tasty delicacy for any occasion. Pure cocoa and carefully selected highest quality hazelnuts contained in the spread make up to 11%, which ranks it among the premium products. A suitable supplement for athletes gaining weight but also for people who watch their weight due to the low sugar content, so you can indulge in it at any time.

Our protein spread contains up to 21% whey protein, which is a great base for every fit person. Unlike others, it does not contain any palm oil. Wella also has a high fibre content.

It is great as a spread for small sweet dishes, flavouring pancakes or crêpes, and even as a filling for cakes. There are no limits to creativity. We will not lie – you can easily just indulge in it during the evening in front of the TV. After all, it is low in calories. For a drink we recommend our Protein Shake.

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