Alternative pasta is not very well known to many people. However, in the world of people who rely on a healthier diet and for athletes, this is not entirely true. Max Sport Protein Pasta is a healthy substitute for classic recipes. Made from soy, beans or quinoa, they are also ideal for people suffering from gluten intolerance. Of course, vegetarians and vegans as well.

We offer four types: Organic Green Soybean Fettuccine, Organic Black Bean Spaghetti, Organic Quinoa Fettuccine and Organic Adzuki Bean Spaghetti are a rich source of protein and a great variety for your existing dishes. All protein pastas are in organic quality, without GMOs and do not burden the body.

Thanks to the high fibre content it also supports proper digestion, therefore it isn’t just some ordinary pasta. It often surpasses regular pasta in taste and properties. Would you like to see what can be created using Max Sport Pasta? Take a look at the recipes section on our blog.

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