Surely, you’re familiar with this. You are sitting in front of the TV in the evening and you would like to have something to eat. Your sweet tooth drives you into the candy box. Supply yourself with healthy snacks in the form of Protein Chips and Protein Cakes.

Vegan Protein Chips are an ideal choice for connoisseurs. Open a package of baked crackers in three flavours and treat yourself with the delicious food that your body craves. We offer healthy chips with Sea Salt & Pepper, Sweet Chilli and Summer Grill Party. Every single flavour has something to it, so it is ideal to taste them all.

Their intense taste will accompany you during snacking until you hit the bottom of the package. Since they are baked, you can easily indulge in two. They do not contain as much fat as classic chips. In addition, they are gluten-free and contain no soy or GMO. With 20% protein they can easily beat any bar. An ideal choice for lovers of savoury snacks.

Protein Cake will find a place in your menu as a good snack, or possibly a supplement to breakfast porridge or cake decoration. It is free of palm fat and up to 28% of high-quality protein will find a place in the athlete's diet. It also contains folic acid, aka vitamin B9, which helps in cell renewal, red blood cell or nucleic acids production. If we lack it, we can suffer from loss of appetite, anaemia, weakness, and even weight loss. We have them for you in two flavours - Cocoa & Coconut and Milky. Discover also the charm of our largest category of Max Sport bars.

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