Max Sport Protein Bar is our core product and a sort of founder of a whole range of other protein bars. It is the GFs (stands for gluten-free), as we like to call them, that began to write the history of the company in 2005. So far, they are very popular and we can be proud of the bestselling product in the protein bar segment.

Max Sport Protein Bar contains 25% protein. We can consider the taste as its biggest advantage. This is what makes the best protein bar what it is. It is free of gluten, trans fats and contains prebiotic fibre.

An ideal partner for athletes as well as for ordinary active people who do not have time to eat or just need to fight off the craving for sweets. With its nutritional value, our protein bar is simply a bomb. You will find it in six great flavours – Vanilla, Chocolate, Mocca, Strawberry, Banana& ChocolateGrand Caramel, Choco & Nuts flavor and two brand new flavors Nougat and Sour Cherry. If you fancy in something more exotic, try the Royal Protein bars.

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