Proper regeneration is very important. Here are some relaxation tips.

After hard work on the training ground your body now needs to rest. Knowing how to regenerate properly is no less important than the right technique in the sport you do, or the diet and supplements you use to recharge yourself. Let's take a look at what will help you gain new strength for your next performance.

I'm after training. What now?

Do a precise and slow stretching to relax the muscles and reduce the risk of muscle damage. Then add enough fluids and proteins your body needs to regenerate muscle properly. Overall, during the day, you should eat nutritionally valuable foods rich in zinc, vitamins and antioxidants and as little chemically processed foods as possible.

What is an active rest?

You may say it's an oxymoron, but a gentle jog or swimming will help the body get rid of lactates more than doing nothing. Paradoxically, the muscles regenerate earlier under a gentle load. After training, a massage will help with blood flow in the body, flush out waste from cells, relieve stress and induce mental well-being.

How can a shower help me?

Cold water helps cool sore and pulsating muscles, while warm water helps to relax. An alternating shower is ideal and you should finish it with cold water.

But you also need to get a good night’s sleep

During sleep, the growth hormone is released, and proteins are also synthesized, which together help repair muscle fibres and regenerate tissues. The saying about at least 7.5 hours of sleep is not a myth. If the body does not get into the deep sleep phase often enough during the night, you will wake up restless and weak. And you don't want that. Take a nap during the day. However, the so-called power nap should not be longer than 25 minutes, otherwise it will have the exact opposite effect, because you will wake up in the middle of the sleep cycle.

You don't have to break a record

Experienced athletes know that they should not load the same part of their muscles for two days in a row. This is because muscles often need 48 hours for complete regeneration. Do not put more on your shoulders (or dumbbells) than you can handle and do not go through the pain. Know that a small gradual progression is much better for your body than a sprint behind a dream figure, which can end in unnecessary injury and delay in reaching your long-term goal. All you need is to do a little better than yesterday. Because it doesn't matter what sport you do, you deserve the best. MaxSport.